Getting things done using Trello

As always, keeping track of what should be done and doing the correct prioritization are the keys of an effective workplace (and of course execution). Try Trello! (It’s free) Look below for tips on how to take control of your workday.

ScreenClip [22]

A while back we used a free service called Trello to manage a small project for a local club. I really enjoyed the tool and possibilities. It can be used for agile development, kanban planning and execution, or just organizing things into different lists. It is a very flexible tool and can be used for lots of things. Either you are a team/organisation or you can use it for your own personal work planning. They have a great web app as well as apps for iOS and Android.

Lately I have been focused in using it for my personal work planning and execution. I actually found a guy that has been doing this and it really inspired me. Please have a look at to get started.

Have a nice day!


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