Lifelogger – adventure/kids camera

Well, found this today. Kind of an alternative to Google Glass, a video recorder on your head (but no screen). Looks a bit silly, like those bluetooth headsets people sometimes forget to take off. But with small kids, I realize that having both arms free could make them relax and play more naturally in front of the camera. And, also, I love gadgets, so maybe I will be backing this one. $200 coming up!

Lifelogger- POV video camera and processing software! by Lifelogger Technologies Corp. — Kickstarter.

Friday bits and pieces 16 May 2014

For this week I have rounded up a few links that I enjoy and hopefully some of you will find these interesting.

  • Jenslabs – Swedish guy building a lot of interesting technical things
  • Arduino Zero – a new board jointly developed by Arduino and Atmel
  • Matthias Wandel – a technical woodworker, building his own bandsaw, dust collector etc. Father of the Pantorouter. Amazing guy!
  • Jimmy DiResta – a multi-talented maker/artist in New York. I am very impressed. Highly recommended.

Have a good weekend!


100 TED talks in 5 minutes

Interesting article. 70 hours of TED talks condensed down to 100 incredible things you need to know about productivity, becoming a better human, people, technology and earth (and beyond).

Well worth spending a few minutes on.

You Can Easily Learn 100 TED Talks Lessons In 5 Minutes Which Most People Need 70 Hours For


How Evernote makes my life easier

Evernote is a great way of organizing your life. It is a free cloud synced notebook available from your computer, smartphone and tablet. You are able to save and share text, pictures, web pages, PDFs and more.

My main uses for Evernote are:

Storing receipts and warranty info

I scan the receipts using my printer/scanner and it sends the scan as an email to my personal Evernote email address. When starting Evernote next time (or force sync it immediately) I get the receipt in my notebook. Evernote automatically recognizes scanned text (OCR) thus I am able to search for a receipt containing specific text (maybe the OCR part only is available when using the paid premium version).

Web clippings, articles, recipes

When I find interesting products, articles or recipes when surfing I can clip the page (or part of the page) using an add-on to my browser. This easily copies the information and puts it in Evernote.

Taking screenshots of presentations when attending web conferences

When attending web conferences, Evernote is a super easy way of copying the currently viewed slide to either Evernote, clipboard or to a file.

Everything you store in Evernote can be shared with others or only be available to you. Also, for example, when attending confidential company meetings you most likely are not permitted to upload those slides outside the company, instead you can put them in a locally stored part of Evernote, only available on your current work computer.

Yes, I would like to recommend Evernote. It is a great way of storing and organizing all the information you want to keep for later easy retrieval.

Get started today, organize your life in the cloud!

Vad är viktigast 2014, stickad halsduk eller egen hemsida?

Intressant blogginlägg om skolan och dess förberedelser av eleverna inför framtiden. Personligen så har jag haft nytta av både träslöjden och syslöjden och hoppas verkligen att den består. Samtidigt är det viktigt att skolan ser till att eleverna är förberedda för arbetsmarknadens behov. “På min tid” fick man lära sig programmera hemma på kammaren. Så vill vi väl inte ha det idag?

Octopus TA17-03 Current sensor with Arduino Uno

I bought the Octopus TA17-03 non-invasive current sensor a while back. Now when trying it out I did not get it to work. I connected it to an Arduino Uno and used the EmonLib. No current at all were measured. I had not tinkered with electronics for a couple of years, I was a bit rusty. But after a bit of fiddling and discussion with friends I realized the problem. Of course you cannot run both wires through the sensor, only one. If running both Live and Neutral through it, then they cancel each other out, thus no current is registered.

So now it works. Still not calibrated, but at least I can detect if there is a current flowing or not. Let me know if you would like the sketch and diagram.

Snabba tips om produktfotografering

Det skulle säljas lite kläder på Tradera häromdagen. Det krävs rättvisande och snygga bilder. Sagt och gjort, vit och svart bakgrund plockades fram, två blixtar med transparenta paraplyer monterades på stativ och kameran startades. Kan avslöja att det var inte några fantasisummor som auktionerna kom upp i.Continue reading →

Bygg din egen ljuslåda

Dagens tips är hur du själv bygger din egen ljuslåda enkelt och billigt. Ljuslådan använder du när du vill ta bra bilder av mindre saker, exempelvis när du ska sälja din ljuslampett på Tradera. Den färdiga lådan blir 60 x 60 x 60 cm och kostar dig under 200 kr. Jag har valt att sätta ihop allt med tejp och lite ståltråd, då kan man lätt plocka ihop den och förvara den i förrådet när den inte används. Det färdiga resultatet kommer bli ungefär så här..

Lådan använder du för att ta liknande bilder som denna:

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