Moving to a new iPhone

So now you got a new iPhone and would like all your all apps and photos from your old phone?

It is really simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer
  2. Connect your old phone. Go to iTunes and make a Backup of the phone. If you select Encrypt backup then WiFi and email passwords will be kept.
  3. Disconnect old phone
  4. Remove SIM card from old phone and put it in the new phone.
  5. Start your new phone. After a few simple choices there will be a screen “Set up iPhone”. Choose Restore from iTunes Backup.
  6. Connect your new phone to the computer. Itunes will let you choose the backup that you just made. Takes a while to restore.. wait for it. Possibly a restart will happen (of the phone).
  7. After a while it is done. Then just Sync the phone from iTunes and your phone will be populated with your apps.
  8. Disconnect phone
  9. Done

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